The Dogcrazy Book Store

Now that the time has come to sell our collection, we have opened an ebay store. Since we have to pay ebay fees, we are only listing items which sell for $12 or more. Future plans call for opening an online store where we will be able to list everything. This is proving to be a bit complicated. (If there happens to be anyone out there with experience in a program called osCommerce or any of the other large shopping cart programs, please contact us. And, if you're willing to barter for dog books, so much the better.)

When Will the Entire Collection Be Listed?

Patience, please. Entering a collection as vast as ours will require time. This is especially true since I try to give some information regarding the books rather than just the standard listings of title, author, publisher and date.

I am starting by listing all of my duplicates which take up about four bookcases. Why, you ask, would I have so many duplicates? Some are books that I bought for the collection even though they weren't in the best condition. When I found a copy in better condition, I replaced it. Sometimes I bought entire collections just to get one or two titles. And, sometimes I just couldn't resist picking up a rare book even though I already had a copy in the collection.

Once I have all the duplicates listed, I'll move on to the regular collection. This part, which is the bulk of the collection, takes up an entire room. So, it will take me some time to get the entire book collection online. When I have that completed, I'll move on to the artwork, followed by the ephemera and magazines.

Please understand that this is a "cottage industry," as they say. We have a staff of two (three if you count Cocoa). Cathy lists all the books and Harve takes care of the record keeping and shipping. Whenever we get tired, Cocoa barks encouragement. Understand that we do have to stop for occasional belly rubs.


A big THANK YOU to all those who have shown an interest in the collection.

Cathy, Harvey & Cocoa