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About the Dogcrazy Collection
(information about us, our dogs and how we started collecting)

About My Fox Terrier Collection
(an interesting story about some of the rarest finds in my collection)

About My French Bulldog Collection
(Adventures in Collecting in Alabama)

About My Retriever Collection
(A tribute to a retriever man named Walt)

About My Sled Dog Collection

Collecting U.S. Customs Service Dog Drug Cards

Starting a Dog Book Collection

Rarity, Scarcity and Condition
(What makes a book valuable and collectible)

Dogcrazy Book Grading
(An illustrated guide to how we grade books.)

Dogcrazy Artist Information
(Background information on dog artists)

Why Collect Dog Books?
(The 10 Reasons for spending all your spare change on books.)

Caring for Your Dog Books or The Care and Feeding of a Dog Book Collection

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Cocoa's Page
(Our collie, our son Matt, and Jacksonville State University's Marching Southerners)

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Dogcrazy Newsletters
1. Blamin' it on the Relatives (summers in North Carolina, etc.)
2. Armadillos and Terriers (a Christmas story; Scotties, Norwich)
3. The Power of Dog Books (dog shows; Poodle)
4. The Influence of Dog Books (dog shows, Weimaraners, Chinese Crested)
5. Living with a Collie (Collies, Weimaraners, Beagles)
6. Dog People Say the Darndest Things
7. A Dachshund Tale
8. Palling Around with Great Danes (Lina Basquette)
9. Celebrating Collecting and Boston Terriers
10. The True History of the AKC and James Watson
11. Terhune Stories & Old Friends
12. The Dogs of Fall or College Dog Mascots
13. Christmas + Dogs = Chaos
14. Steeling Dogs
15. Collecting Bulldogs
16. Tibetan Mastiff Memories, A Tribute to Ann Rohrer
17. Edwin Megargee, Jr....and The One That Got Away
18. Doggy Good Deeds and the Saving of Sunnybank
19. Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge, Reuben Ward Binks and Me